Just a few shots from yesterday – around 100+ images from the build-up to practice, start of practice from the sideline and the sidecars returning. I don’t really do race shots – neither have the kit nor the patience to do it, but I hope the pics give you a general idea what’s going on, especially if you couldn’t make it here yourself.

If I snapped you and you want to use the pic (facebook, blog, etc), go ahead. Same counts for all non-commercial uses, such as private websites, forums, etc. If you do, please give credit. Thanks!

By the way: Comments are enabled and always welcome, but they’re moderated and have to be approved, so they won’t show automatically when you submit them. Just an anti-spam measure, really.

Also just noticed that I didn’t even have any contact details on the new site – wups… Fixed and if you feel the urge to get in touch, it’s here now.