Amadeus TT Prints at the Duke ShopJust a little bit of shameless self promotion – has to be done once in a while. As you might know, a few of my pictures are available as lovely canvas prints from Duke Video and with Christmas fast approaching, they would certainly make a lovely present for any road racing or TT fan.

You can see, and of course order, all of them on the Duke Video Website. If you happen to be on the Isle of Man and would like to see one in real life before committing to buy, then why not stop by at the Duke Video shop in strand street? Grandstand, Quarry Bends and Mountain Road canvas prints are proudly on display there – just look to the right when you walk in.

I really do like them and think they look brilliant, but them I’m probably Duke Video Shop in Douglasslightly biased here. Each canvas is covered with a matt varnish seal giving the added benefit of UV and scratch/water protection.¬†Only the best inks and material are used to ensure these special art pieces are of fantastic quality. The canvas is stretched over¬†stretcher bar designed specifically to enhance the look of the canvases and these make great talking pieces on any living room wall – they are eye catching, if I may say so.

Just in case your budget is a little lower (canvas prints are always a little more pricey, but they are long lasting pieces of art and really worth it) or you would like multiple prints for multiple loved ones and the canvas version would blow your Christmas budget until 2015, then you can always drop me a line to get your hands on a photo print. I do produce very limited runs, usually in 10×15 format that fits well into a nice A3 frame, and these certainly won’t break the bank. More info about them is available on my prints page.