TT 3D Images for 3D TVHere is another set of 3D images of TT 2011 for viewing on your 3D TV or computer. These are again high-res files and please see the previous post for guidance on how to use them.

Click here to download the zip archive containing 3D TT images for your 3D TV & PC.

One thing I probably should have mentioned is that you can edit these images yourself if you want to adjust them or just have a bash at 3D imagery. All you will need for this is a free program called  StereoPhoto Maker that can be downloaded from here. It runs on all versions of Windows and there is no need to install anything – just run the exe file and off you go!

The program isn’t difficult to use at all and allows you to edit the .MPO files in the archive above and elsewhere on this site. I recommend you use the files I posted for viewing on 3D TVs as they are high-res. Unfortunately, I don’t have the time to post full tutorials for editing 3D pics but there is plenty of information out there – just google for .MPO files and 3D TV. For example, here is a guide on how to make 3D files for the Nintendo 3DS but you can also create Anaglyph and other types with the program and it’s pretty intuitive.

Again, this is all new territory and any feedback would be greatly appreciated!