isle-of-man-tt-mountain-road-waterworks-ramsey-april-2011Well, the time has come and the wait is over – TT 2011 is finally upon us! Like every TT over the past few years, I’ll be out and about every day for pictures and coverage from the greatest race on earth. Here’s a quick overview on what to expect from Little Me this year:

As always, most pics will make their way onto this site, so either check the homepage or the TT 2011 Section for updates on most days – most likely towards the evening when I get back and had a chance to edit and upload stuff.

All site updates will also be posted through to Facebook, so if that’s your preferred way to keep up with things, visit my facebook page here.

For faster, more from-the-scene coverage, follow me on Twitter. I usually send as many pics up as the battery allows – paddock, trackside during races, etc, etc. They are obviously of slightly less quality but much faster than main site updates:

As always, all pictures and material are free to be shared in any way you want as long as it’s non-commercial, so feel free to download, pass on, share on facebook or torture the in-laws with whatever stuff I upload or post. If you are a commercial operation (i.e. making money with your blog, a magazine or other professional publication) then please contact me first. In most cases you can use stuff for picture credit but I would like to know that in advance. Also as always, I will keep the pictures big and the watermarks small.

Not entirely sure what kinda stuff I will end up with this year, but expect the usual mix with the addition of some 3D images. Seems to be all the rage now, so might as well try that and give the new 3D camera a go.

Now stop reading this, enjoy TT and tell your friends :)