EXCARVAGANT CARSHOW 2012 Makati Metro Manila For quite a while did I notice that there seems to be a healthy car scene in the Philippines but I hadn’t seen many real life examples of it yet. All that changed the other night, with the Excarvagant Carshow 2012here in Makati. Only managed to get a few snaps, inclduing the only overhead shot of the night, but there sure were some nice motors around!

I still love anything to do with cars and am always looking for interesting vehicles to shoot. Just for the fun of it, not for money. If you have anything interesting (car, bike, tuned, rare, fast…) let me know! Always happy to go out, meet new people and get some good pictures done in the process. I’m based in Makati and some of my previous car stuff can be found here. My contact info is here.