New Years Eve Manila 2014 NYE Makati PhilippinesIt’s been ages since I last used the website. Not because I didn’t do anything worth posting, but because most stuff these days goes straight to the Facebook Page . It’s often more convenient and faster to post images there, but it means the website looked like a virtual desert for a while.

Now I’ve finally decided it’s time to reactivate this pace and use it more again, probably for a mix of pictures and blog type writing entries.

Let’s start with a bang, or a few thousand, actually. New Year’s Eve 2014 has just passed and like last year, I used the viewpoint from this place to capture the war-zone like atmosphere that is Metro Manila at New Year’s Eve. The place goes absolutely mental at midnight and it’s one of the most unique and breathtaking views you can ever see. The video, which I primarily shot for an article on WhenInManila, proved a little bit more popular than expected and has accumulated around 1.5 million views at the time of writing. That’s the first time I managed to get that many views on a YouTube video and made for quite a nice start to the year: So let’s see what else the years brings :)