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100 Manx Classic 2011 Pictures from the Lhergy Frissell Hillclimb

Finally managed to finish the last gallery from the Manx Classic 2011. Below are 100 shots from the Lhergy Frissell Hillclimb, with most competitors in a bit of a landscape setting and closer up as they pass the Gooseneck.

As always with my pics, feel free to use them for your own private purposes, i.e. Facebook, Desktop background, on your blog or whatever else. Pictures are no good if no-one gets to see them.

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Manx Classic 2011 Slow Motion Footage

More Video footage from the Manx Classic 2011. This time some high-motion shots of various cars tackling the stages. This ultra-slow-motion effect is done by filming the cars at 210 frames per second instead of the more normal 25 to 30 fps. Play it back at normal speed and voila, Car Ballet:

Manx Classic 2011 Video – Lhergy Frissell Hillclimb at the Gooseneck in Ramsey

Two more videos from the Manx Classic 2011.

This time, it’s the competitors passing through the Gooseneck during the Lhergy Frissell Hillclimb. Resolution is at 720p again for better fullscreen viewing:

Manx Classic 2011 Videos – Governor’s Sprint in Douglas

The first batch of videos from the 2011 Manx Classic Hillclimb is now online. These videos show the cars leaving the grandstand and the later part has them at Governor’s Bridge. I’ve cut them into parts so if you took part in it, you’ll find yourself quicker – all cars pretty much in the order they ran. Max resolution 720 HD for better fullscreen viewing:

Manx Classic 2011 Pictures – Governor’s Sprint at the Grandstand in Douglas

The first pictures from yesterday’s Manx Classic hillclimb, taken near the start at the Grandstand in Douglas. There’s video and more to come but haven’t gotten round to that yet. Hopefully, there’ll be more pics from Ramsey tomorrow as well, but here’s the lot so far – 60-odd pictures in no particular order:

More Nurburgring coverage from the German press

Nurburgring Article 25 march 2011Two more articles about developments in the ongoing Nurburgring scandal, both from German newspaper Wirtschafts Woche (Business Week). They were both published yesterday and English versions can be found in PDF form below.

One gives a broader overview about things up to now and current ring plans, while the other one mentions the upcoming investigation by the EU Commission in Brussels (there’s real movement here!) and also touches on how Richter once again managed to scam and fool the government.

As always, please feel free to use and share these – the more people read about it, the better! And please remember to visit Save The Ring to stay up-to-date with developments.

The Nurburgring Disaster 25/03/2011 (PDF)

Mail from Brussels – 25/03/2011 (PDF)

Society “Yes to the Nürburgring” thinks lease should be null and void

Another entry in regards to the Nürburgring shenanigans and in support of the great work of Mike and Save The Ring. German newspaper Rhein Zeitung, who are doing a great job reporting about all the developments at the Ring, have published another article of which an English version can be found below. Please keep supporting StR – the media and others are obviously listening and this story is far from over – if anything, it just seems to be getting more interesting:

Society “Yes to the Nürburgring” thinks lease should be null and void

Nurburgring : The Society “Yes to the Nürburgring” which is currently calling for 1.6 million Euro in  investments in the Nürburgring to be returned, will definitely also submit a complaint to the European Commission. The society sees a violation of procurement law and is of the opinion that the Nurburgring lease should be null and void due to actions constituting aiding and abetting.

A press release issued by the law firm working for the society states that it is their goal to “use all available means to put a stop to the undesirable developments at the Nurburgring”. The state of  Rhineland-Palatinate and  Nürburgring Ltd, it is argued, were in breach of  key provisions of EU law by putting in place the privately owned Nürburgring Automotive GmbH and allowing the company run by Kai Richter and Jörg Lindner to be in charge of all economic activities at the Nurburgring.  The Society has also commissioned a legal opinion by Regensburg law professor Jürgen Kühling for this purpose.

Two MEPs, Rebecca Harms (Green Party / EFA) and Werner Langen (CDU), have already asked EU Competition Commissioner Joaquin Almunia to investigate the project last year.The Dorint hotel chain has already taken legal action in regards to the way the contract was awarded.
An online petition “Save The Ring”, aimed at  Almunia, has already gathered around 19.000 signatures. The Wirtschaftswoche (Business Week) Newspaper has just reported that it was regarded as virtually certain in Brussels that the EU Competition Commission will initiate main examination proceedings.

Doubts about the approach find support in the Kühling-Report and the analysis by assigned law firm Frey. Conclusion: In connection with the project “Nürburgring 2009″ and the establishment of the Nürburgring Automotive GmbH it has “come to clear violations of European state aid and public procurement law”.

State aids were granted that, under EU law, would have required the European Commission to be notified so these could be considered by it.  If this was omitted, so the society argues, it means that any underlying contracts are null and void. The lease contract between the state-owned company that owns the Ring and the Automotive GmbH which operates it would thereby be void.

The expert witness also presents a second reason for this: The state owned  Nürburgring Ltd was in breach of  European procurement law as it did not publicly advertise or put out to tender the operation of the race tracks and non-motorsport related activities.

As the blog reports, mail has already arrived at the state-owned company based in Otto-Flimm street – from Otto Flimm himself. The chairman of the society “Yes to the Nürburgring”, and previous president of the ADAC (Germany’s biggest motoring organisation), is asking for 1.6325 million Euro to be returned. This amount was invested into safety measures along the Nordschleife with the aim of promoting grassroots motor sports. The society now thinks that exactly this aim can not be guaranteed anymore due to the recent developments.

Jalopnik & other car blogs well and truly had in Top Gear joke

Ok, again not photo related, I admit. Little time at the moment, so I’ll just misuse my little site for some blog-type-content-stuff and get to photos again later. Here’s a story that caught my eye, and I admit it, I fell for it at first:

jalopnik top gear speeding prankJalopnik and some other car blogs published a story the other day that had as its headline “More speeding means safer highways“. Having fought against the introduction of a speed limit on the Isle of Man in the past and being a general petrol head, my heart jumped – could it be that someone said the unthinkable, came up with some miraculous study that proved speeding is good? Well, no…

The study referred to is here: HRAR_REPORT243 – it argues that drivers who put their foot down are safer due to increased adrenaline levels and faster reactions.

jalopnik australia speeding study top gear prankA closer look at the document quickly outs it as what it really is – a prank by the guys at Top Gear. Gotta be. No other way. How else would you explain the rather strange names of the researchers and the countless car manufacturers names in the reference section?

Have to hand it to them – well done, and no doubt it will feature in either the magazine or be part of an episode in the near future.

jalopnik australia speeding top gear prankMaybe stories like this show us that in our brave new web 2.0 world, where the border between a blog and  news site are completely blurred now, some more focus should be kept on editorial control.

Click on the pictures for bigger versions of the sections that give the prank away.

edit: Chief Jalopnologist Ray Wert just mentioned a good point: It’s clearly a prank, but who says it’s really Top Gear behind it? Mystery time! (Answers on a poastcard, please)

Save The Ring – Nurburgring in trouble

Something unrelated to my normal activities but important enough to get a mention. The famous Nurburgring circuit in Germany is in a bit of trouble after the German government built a huge Leisure Park there that was based on false visitor numbers, shady deals and other results of incompetence. Please visit for full info and to find out how you can help to prevent one of the most famous tracks in the world from quite literally being destroyd.

Being German, I also thought it’d be a good idea to put English subtitles on a number of reports from German TV, so more people can understand the whole background and just how wrong things went there.

Number one is a 45min documentary explaining the whole situation – part one below, rest on my youtube channel:

The second video is from last week and provides an update on the situation. Includes Sabine Schmitz and SaveTheRing – please watch and share!

Pictures from Drag’n Drift at Jurby

Took a while, but here they are. 150+ pics from the Drag’n Drift at Jurby the other week. I think some of my kit needs replacing – some stuff just didn’t work out the way I wanted it. Of some pics there are multiple versions – different looks, etc – just browse through. Usual applies – if I snapped you and you want to use the pic for facebook or whatever, feel free to.

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