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The Isle of Man TT Movie: TT3D – Closer to the Edge Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming TT movie has finally been released today. You may have already watched it on one of the other bike sites that are up to speed with these things, like Hell For Leather, but just in case you haven’t, it’s embedded below.

Also, all the other sites may have the trailer – but this is the only one that also has pics of the (hopefully) epic TT drama being filmed. Bonus.

Filming TT3D

TT 2010: Another two Mountain Road crashes caught on video

Another couple of YouTube finds from the Mountain Road during TT 2010.

Number one looks like some well meant waving-down gone wrong:

Video: YouTube

Number two shows another mishap near the Gooseneck:

Video: YouTube

Cameron Donald’s idea of a Parade Lap

Usually, parade laps at the TT are a rather relaxed affair, with the likes of Rossi, Lorenzo or Capirossi slowly making their way around the mountain course while leisurely waving to the crowds. Not so Cameron Donald. When the Aussie TT racer got a chance to take the ultra-quick Suzuki GSV-R 800 MotoGP racer for a lap as part of Suzuki’s 50th Anniversary TT celebrations, he was anything but parading – he was having fun. Fun to the tune of 202mph at the end of Sulby straight. Good on ya, mate!

Video: YouTube

Video: YouTube

Video: YouTube

TT Zero: Has electric racing claimed its first fatality?

I don’t usually do the whole news and blogging thing – I’m more comfortable  taking and posting pictures rather than writing about things, but I’ve just noticed something that I had to write down, even if it’s only to get some feedback on if I’m right or wrong, so here it goes.

As I’m sure all TT followers know, the races this year sadly claimed the lives of two competitors: New Zealander Paul Dobbs and Austrian Martin Loicht. Both riders came off during the second Supersport TT race.

As far as I can tell, Martin Loicht’s accident means that TT Zero has claimed its first victim in its first year. I only noticed that while reading an entry in the blog of SERT racing, the Swedish team that took part in TT Zero:

In order to be qualified as a rider for the TT Zero, you have to complete the track faster than a specific time with a petrol bike. Martin had a rider, but wanted to do it by himself. Sadly, during one of the qualification races there was an accident and he died.

If I’m not wrong, then he lost his life trying to qualify for TT Zero and electric motorbike racing has experienced its first fatality as a result – even if it was indirectly.

TT 2010: Saturday, 12 June

One last gallery for this year and that’s it then. Just some pics from the grandstand area:

Video: TT dy Liooar

Firstly: Sorry to any Manx speakers for the play of words – I hope it doesn’t get me banished to the Calf of Man…

Just before TT this year I bought a little highspeed camera thingy – thinking it might come in handy for photos and whatnot. On the photo front, the box was absolutely useless – you couldn’t get a sharp picture of a snail with it, nevermind a bike at any speed – but it also does video and that seemed to work a little better. Obviously I couldn’t include race footage, but pointed it at some of the things next to the races instead. So if you missed the parade lap whizzing past, it’s also in there in SloMo:

Video: YouTube

TT 2010: Pictures from the location of Guy Martin’s crash

Yesterday I tweeted the first image of Guy Martin’s bike after his off in the Senior TT on Friday. (As it’s not my image, I won’t post it on this site, but it’s still here at the time of writing). Below are a few images of the actual location of the incident, taken at Glen Vine on the way back to the Grandstand on the day.

Obviously, all debris and the bike have already been removed, but the damage that is still visible indicates a heavy impact. For those unfamiliar with the TT course: Glen Vine is basically a very fast sweeping right hander – the first two images are taken against the course, the others in direction of travel. It appears that part of the pavement / stone wall at the side was obliterated during the incident.

Interestingly, Hell for Leather reported that Martin may have been wearing a Dainese D Air system in the race. If correct, the airbag system may well have prevented worse injuries.

Videos: Isle of Man TT 2010: One Senior TT and two Mad Sunday crashes

Now, these vids aren’t mine, but YouTube finds. Just thought I post them here.

First one: Rider sticks it in the hedge just before the Gooseneck on Mad Sunday in what looks like a failed attempt to immitate a lawnmower. According to the video description, he walked away from it:

Video: YouTube

Video number two doesn’t contain any actual footage from the incident, but still serves as a stark reminder that it only takes one mistake to swap a seat on the Grandstand for a bed in Nobles. The description reads as follows:

“Binned it at Guthries Memorial on Mad Sunday 2010, 90mph, Four Days in Hospital, Seriously damaged the blood supply to left foot, Broken 4 bones (dont ask me which ones ???) Smashed me left arm and damaged the nerves and tendons to left arm Lucky am still here thow!! Ride Safe”

Video: YouTube

Number three shows a crash during Lap 1 of the Senior TT at the Creg. Looks like it was a minor off, with only a bruised ego (and a damaged bike) as a result. Can someone confirm the name of the rider involved here?

Video: YouTube

TT 2010 – Images from the Senior TT Prize Presentation, Friday 11 June

Some pics from the Senior TT prize presentation at the Grandstand & some other stuff:

TT 2010 – Images from the Supersport 2 Prize Presentation, Thursday 10 June

Just a few more pics from Thursday, mainly from the prize presentation for the Supersport 2 race. Some more pics to come later today – Friday’s Senior TT presentation and other stuff:

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