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Manx Grand Prix 2012 Pictures

Manx Grand Prix 2012 Isle of Man Road Racing Just a few pictures from the Manx Grand Prix Festival 2012, which is currently in full swing.

Like I mentioned a few times before, I don’t really do race shots but more the stuff around it, so any pictures are always a wide mix of things from here and there. A few videos are also to follow.

Manx Grand Prix 2010 – Slow It Down II

The second of two clips with MGP 2010 Slow Motion (or High Motion as some call it) footage. It’s available on higher quality settings as well but the 720HD it shows isn’t real HD – just rendered as that, not actually recorded. Part of the “let’s try and crowbar the quality up” approach. Kinda works…

Manx Grand Prix 2010 – Slow It Down I

Something that’s been stored on my hard drive for a while – was meant to be part of a bigger project, with all individual files uploaded into public domain for people to do what they wish with, but haven’t gotten round to doing that yet – so here’s the first of two edited clips anyway.

The clips were meant to show off the footage a bit so peeps know what it is – maybe I’ll get round to finishing that at some point….

Basically, it’s footage from this year’s Manx Grand Prix, shot at a higher frame rate and edited together a bit – like this:

Manx Grand Prix 2010 – Friday’s Racing

One last normal video from the races, this time from Friday. There’s pictures and some more – a little different – video to come but that’s all not done yet. It’s drag racing at Jurby today, so I’ll add any missing bits later. Location for this clip where Quarter Bridge and Governors Bridge:

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Manx Grand Prix 2010 – Thursday’s Races

Just a quick clip from Thursday. There’s no material from Wednesday but one more from Friday to follow shortly. Quality is 720p HD again:

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Manx Grand Prix 2010 – Monday’s Races

Two videos from yesterday’s races, Grandstand to Bray Hill area. Bikes passing, pit stops, etc:


Festival of Jurby 2010

Some footage from the Festival of Jurby yesterday. Never seen the place so busy! Some stills to follow as well – probably later when I get the time to look trhough them:

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Manx Grand Prix 2010 – Sixth Practice

Just a quick clip from the sixth practice – grandstand and paddock area again:
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Manx Grand Prix 2010 – Fifth Practice

Video from the fifth Manx Grand Prix practice on Thursday, 26 August. The keen-eyed visitor will of course notice that part four is kinda missing. Well, YouTube threw a strop and it’s gonna follow later. For now, it’s back to Bray Hill:

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Manx Grand Prix 2010 – Mishap at the start

One small clip from tonight (more to follow later). Mishap at the start of practice at the grandstand – looks like a small piece of plastic on the wheel? Luckily, nothing more serious happened. Filmed at a higher frame rate, hence the super-slomo effect and no original sound.

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