Isle-of-Man-TT-2013The Isle of Man TT 2013 has arrived and in front of us lie two weeks of world class road racing. Like every year, I’ll be out and about over the fortnight, trying to capture and share much of the action.

This year, I’ve made the decision to “go light”, meaning no DSLR in use at all, but instead reliance on mobile devices and apps.

Like the last couple of years, you’re best off following me on Twitter and Facebook for from-the-scene coverage, as that’s where all updates will appear first. I will update this site as well but that will be done more infrequently.

I’ll be using things like Instagram and Vine a lot. You can either follow me directly on there or look out for the updates that are automatically fed through to Facebook and Twitter. While this approach will undoubtedly mean a reduction in image quality, I do somehow think that the added speed, as well as the fact that most people will ever only glance at the images from their phone while they follow the race, is simply more suited to the event. Maybe I’ll pick up a DSLR again next year and go for more moody morning pictures, maybe I won’t. We’ll see… This year, it’s all about on-the-spot stuff, so follow me and let’s enjoy TT, moment by moment, day by day!