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The Mugen Shinden TT Zero Electric Race Bike

Mugen Shinden TT Zero Electric Race BikeIf you followed my stuff for a while, then you probably know that I’m a big fan of electric racing and have been covering it from day one on the Island, when things started as TTXGP.

These days it’s called TT Zero and although I didn’t have as much time to cover these bikes as I would have wanted this year, at least I got a few shots of the Mugen Shinden TT Zero Electric Race Bike.

This is the bike that enabled John McGuinness to break the 100mph lap barrier over the Isle of Man Mountain Course and one of only three bikes to ever have done so.

TT Zero 2011 – Video: Practice And Race

Just a quick clip from TT Zero. A practice run caught near Ago’s Leap and the actual race, caught from Union Mills. Having witnessed the first electric race here a couple of years ago, the one thing that is clear simply by looking at these machines is the fact that they have gotten a whole lot faster – impressively fast, actually:

Isle of Man TT Zero 2011 – The MotoCzysz E1pc D1g1tal Superbike In Anaglyph 3D

More Anaglyph 3D images, this time of the very rare kind. These are the only 3D shots anywhere of the 2011 MotoCzysz E1pc D1g1tal Superbike, so put on your red/cyan glasses and take a look at this:

TT Zero 2011 – Kingston University ‘Ecotricity Ion Horse’ In Anaglyph 3D

Another reason to put on your old-school 3D glasses – the Kingston University ‘Ecotricity Ion Horse’ in Anaglyph 3D. There is still a ton of other material to come as well -  in 2D as well as old school and ‘Real’ 3D from all over the place – all I have to do is find the time. It will all be online soon…

TT Zero 2011 – Guest Gallery By Jim Race

Jim Race from is currently staying at Amadeus Manor – having made the long trip from California, he’s been extremely busy covering the TT this week (don’t miss the latest show if you like your TT!) and has caught some nice shots from today’s TT Zero, which can be found in the below gallery.

Isle of Man TT Zero – The 2011 MotoCzysz E1pc

One of my favourite things during TT these days are the electric bikes competing in TT Zero and it doesn’t get much more special than to be given the opportunity to point a lens at this beautiful machine – the 2011 TT Zero winning MotoCzysz E1pc D1g1tal Superbike. Instead of shooting it a day earlier at Jurby, a place that offers little in terms of TT related backdrop, I opted to wait another day and get it in a completely clear pitlane at the Grandstand before the day’s racing commenced.

A note to media reps: You are free to use the below images for online coverage of the bike and TT Zero but clear link credit must be given. Please contact me (amadeusiom [at] if you would like print files as these are also available.

TT Zero 2011 – Kingston University ‘Ecotricity Ion Horse’ Electric Superbike

Another contender for the TT Zero race: The Kingston University ‘Ecotricity Ion Horse’. Designed and built at Kingston University, the Ion Horse will compete against the likes of Lightning and Motoczysz in this year’s TT Zero race.

A note to media reps: You are free to use the below images for online coverage of the bike and TT Zero but clear link credit must be given. Please contact me (amadeusiom [at] f you would like print files as these are also available.

Isle of Man TT Zero 2011 – Team Imperial TTX: First Pictures

Something from TTZero, the electric future of motorsport – at least if you ask me and many others who have become firm fans of these machines. This is the Imperial TTX bike, built by the guys at Imperial College and powered by not one but two Lynch electric motors:

MotoCzysz E1pc in Dutch “Kijk” magazine

The MotoCzysz E1pc continues its way through the media, making its latest appearance in the Dutch “Kijk” magazine. It’s on page 52 in issue 09/2010 and also in a preview on their website. Sadly, they haven’t included picture credit as requested – little disappointed there, but at least the bike gets some more publicity.

TT Zero: Has electric racing claimed its first fatality?

I don’t usually do the whole news and blogging thing – I’m more comfortable  taking and posting pictures rather than writing about things, but I’ve just noticed something that I had to write down, even if it’s only to get some feedback on if I’m right or wrong, so here it goes.

As I’m sure all TT followers know, the races this year sadly claimed the lives of two competitors: New Zealander Paul Dobbs and Austrian Martin Loicht. Both riders came off during the second Supersport TT race.

As far as I can tell, Martin Loicht’s accident means that TT Zero has claimed its first victim in its first year. I only noticed that while reading an entry in the blog of SERT racing, the Swedish team that took part in TT Zero:

In order to be qualified as a rider for the TT Zero, you have to complete the track faster than a specific time with a petrol bike. Martin had a rider, but wanted to do it by himself. Sadly, during one of the qualification races there was an accident and he died.

If I’m not wrong, then he lost his life trying to qualify for TT Zero and electric motorbike racing has experienced its first fatality as a result – even if it was indirectly.

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