Videos: Isle of Man TT 2010: One Senior TT and two Mad Sunday crashes

Now, these vids aren’t mine, but YouTube finds. Just thought I post them here.

First one: Rider sticks it in the hedge just before the Gooseneck on Mad Sunday in what looks like a failed attempt to immitate a lawnmower. According to the video description, he walked away from it:

Video: YouTube

Video number two doesn’t contain any actual footage from the incident, but still serves as a stark reminder that it only takes one mistake to swap a seat on the Grandstand for a bed in Nobles. The description reads as follows:

“Binned it at Guthries Memorial on Mad Sunday 2010, 90mph, Four Days in Hospital, Seriously damaged the blood supply to left foot, Broken 4 bones (dont ask me which ones ???) Smashed me left arm and damaged the nerves and tendons to left arm Lucky am still here thow!! Ride Safe”

Video: YouTube

Number three shows a crash during Lap 1 of the Senior TT at the Creg. Looks like it was a minor off, with only a bruised ego (and a damaged bike) as a result. Can someone confirm the name of the rider involved here?

Video: YouTube

TT 2010 – Images from the Senior TT Prize Presentation, Friday 11 June

Some pics from the Senior TT prize presentation at the Grandstand & some other stuff:

TT 2010 – Images from the Supersport 2 Prize Presentation, Thursday 10 June

Just a few more pics from Thursday, mainly from the prize presentation for the Supersport 2 race. Some more pics to come later today – Friday’s Senior TT presentation and other stuff:

A small clip from today’s TT Zero race

Sometimes, things don’t really work the way they were planned. Today was an example of that. Below is a small clip from the TT Zero race today and it didn’t turn out the way I wanted, so don’t expect too much. At least you get to hear the things this time round…

MotoCzysz E1pc at the Isle of Man TT Zero

You may have seen the below pictures on Hell for Leather and Popular Science recently. Well, this is the full picture set from the day, showing – for the first time – the completed MotoCzysz E1pc electric race bike that today won the Isle of Man TT Zero. Bloggers, tech dudes and others out there: You are free to use these images as long as clear picture credit is given.


Just remembered that I didn’t actually include a page about available prints on the new site yet – high time to do that then. Here it is!

A closer look at the Agni ‘Dustbin’

Agni Motors’ “Dustbin” style bike grabbed a lot of attention since it was first spotted during TT Zero practice, so here is a closer look at the machine. Also caught the master himself working on another bike:

TT 2010 – Images from June 06

A few snaps from June 06, Mad Sunday:

Agni TT Zero Bike

Just three quick shots of one of the Agni TT Zero bikes being worked on in the paddock – no ‘dustbin’ design to be seen on this one:

Video: TT Zero Second Practice Session

Just a short clip from the second TT Zero practice session today, recorded at the Hairpin in Ramsey. Six bikes came past, whereby the Motoczysz was by far and wide the fastest – the speed it showed on what is a pretty hard uphill section was simply very impressive. This is also the first video showing the new Agni dustbin design and the Ecolve Bolt in action.

Slight f-up from my part: Camera has a setting that allows switching from 30 to 210fps. I was under the impression that footage recorded at 30fps would include sound – turns out it doesn’t, sorry. Noted for future and meaningless background music added to break the silence. Video is real speed (30fps), slomo (210fps) and back to real speed for each bike:

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