TT 2010 – Some more snaps

Not much time for proper pictures at the moment due to my main TT job keeping me more than busy & quite simply taking priority. I’m still gonna try and get the odd shot here and there, but your best bet is probably to follow me on Twitter, as I’m still posting pics on there when I’m out and about every day.

Video: First ever TTzero Practice

A short clip from the first ever TTzero Practice Session on the Isle of Man TT Mountain Course. Motoczysz, Agni & SERT passing through parliament square. First two at normal speed, followed by all three bikes at 210fps.

Isle of Man TT 2010 – Some pics from Wednesday, 02 June

The photo excursion to the airport took up most of yesterday, so didn’t get up to much else. Here’s a handful of shots from Wednesday:

Isle of Man TT 2010 – Images from Tuesday, 01 June

100+ images from Tuesday, 01 June. Paddock & practice:

TT Zero: SERT & Ecolve Show Off Their Bikes

By now you probably know that I like the whole electric racing idea, so here are SERT Racing & Ecolve showing off their bikes in a bit more detail and with some added flames & a fire truck – as you do… A huge thanks to the airport fire brigade for making this happen! They couldn’t have been more helpful and I hope the results show electric racing in a little different light. These are also the first pictures of the finished Ecolve Bolt race bike, so a bit of a premiere thrown in there as well.

There’s quite a few different versions in this gallery, because a: I like variety, and b: if anyone wants to use them, it gives you a bit more choice.

For team info, visit:

Anyway, here they are:

Isle of Man TT 2010 – A few shots from Monday, 31 May

Just a few shots from yesterday – around 100+ images from the build-up to practice, start of practice from the sideline and the sidecars returning. I don’t really do race shots – neither have the kit nor the patience to do it, but I hope the pics give you a general idea what’s going on, especially if you couldn’t make it here yourself.

If I snapped you and you want to use the pic (facebook, blog, etc), go ahead. Same counts for all non-commercial uses, such as private websites, forums, etc. If you do, please give credit. Thanks!

By the way: Comments are enabled and always welcome, but they’re moderated and have to be approved, so they won’t show automatically when you submit them. Just an anti-spam measure, really.

Also just noticed that I didn’t even have any contact details on the new site – wups… Fixed and if you feel the urge to get in touch, it’s here now.

TT Zero: Meet Team SERT Racing & the Bumblebee

If you follow me on twitter, then you probably know that I’m a big fan of the up and coming generation of electric race bikes. TTXGP started it off last year and this year, we have TT Zero as part of the Isle of Man TT. It all may still be new and not as prominent as the ‘old’ style racing, but the potential this new technology brings is huge and will only continue to grow.

One of the teams already on the island for TT Zero is SERT Racing from Sweden and I stopped by today to have a look at their machine, the Bumblebee. The eagle-eyed observer will notice that the rims have the words Stiggy Racing on them, and there’s a very good reason for that: this bee has a sting in its tail, being based on a Stiggy Racing superbike. Add experienced rider Chris Palmer to the mix and this already looks like a promising contender.

Find out more about the guys from Sweden at

Tech Blogs / EV writers & others covering TTXGP / TTzero and electric racing: Feel free to use any of the pics for your own purposes, but please give credit. My stats counter feels lonely otherwise. Thanks!

TT Photographic Exhibition opens today

Don’t forget that the “Roads Closed” Exhibition at St Ninians starts today! We’ve been setting it up last night and there’s some brilliant pics on display. Definitely one not to be missed this year!

TT 2010 Paddock Tour

40+ images from a walk around the paddock yesterday.

Pre-TT Morning Shots

Some shots from the 28th of May, early morning. Didn’t really work the way I wanted. Bright sunny morning when I left at 4am, foggy and weird 30 minutes later. Manx weather at its best :) . Plenty of TT to go, so hopefully I can catch some light on another morning…

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