The Mugen Shinden TT Zero Electric Race Bike

Mugen Shinden TT Zero Electric Race BikeIf you followed my stuff for a while, then you probably know that I’m a big fan of electric racing and have been covering it from day one on the Island, when things started as TTXGP.

These days it’s called TT Zero and although I didn’t have as much time to cover these bikes as I would have wanted this year, at least I got a few shots of the Mugen Shinden TT Zero Electric Race Bike.

This is the bike that enabled John McGuinness to break the 100mph lap barrier over the Isle of Man Mountain Course and one of only three bikes to ever have done so.

More Isle of Man TT 2012 Pictures

Sir-Jacky-Stewart-John-McGuinnessSome more Isle of Man TT 2012 images from the last few days.

Mainly randoms from here and there, including racing, a few riders and other things.

There’s still some more to come but as always, your best bet for fast TT coverage is to follow me on Twitter.

Olympic Torch On The Isle Of Man

Olympic-Torch-Isle-of-Man-London-2012Just two quick shots from earlier today, showing the Olympic Torch on its visit to the Isle of Man.

The flame arrived early in the morning at Ronaldsway Airport on British Airways plane The Firefly from Liverpool.

The first one show the flame being handed over at the NSC in the morning, shortly after it arrived on the island.

The second shot shows World Enduro Champion David Knight riding pillion with the torch behind fellow Manxman Richard “Milky” Quayle.

Isle of Man TT 2012 Pictures – Tuesday’s Practice

Isle of Man TT 2012 Tuesday 29 May GrandstandJust a few more images from this year, taken near the Grandstand again. Mainly shots from the start of practice and the paddock area.

As a general rule, Twitter is fastest for pictures as they are right from the scene, followed by Facebook and then, when I get round to it, I’m updating this site.

Isle of Man TT 2012 Pictures – Paddock & Monday’s Practice

Isle-of-Man-TT-2012-IOM-TT-2012Just a few images from Monday, mostly from the paddock and area around the Grandstand.

Don’t forget that you can follow me on Twitter for more pictures straight from the action.

The site itself is usually updated when I find the time later in the day or even the next day, so looking out for picture tweets is your best bet for on-the-spot-nearly-as-good-as-live coverage.

Isle of Man TT 2012 – Living Pictures

Every year, I like to try something new for TT. May it be the moody morning pics from 2008 or 3D images last year, the challenge is always to do something that hasn’t been done yet, at least as far as the TT is concerned.

This year, I’m experimenting with Living Pictures – not quite image, not quite video, they are somewhere in between.

Below is a first collection and I’m going to try and get some more over the fortnight.

These files can be rather big at times, so please allow them a few seconds to load when you click on them,  especially if you are on a slow connection or Mobile device:

Isle of Man TT 2012 – First Pictures & What To Expect This Year

6000 miles, three flights, 25 hours and I made it with five minutes to spare until first practice – TT 2012 is go!

A first few images below, with plenty more to come over the fortnight as usual.

Like every year, I will be out and about on most days, tweeting pictures live from the scene so make sure you follow me on Twitter for up to date pics as things happen. I’ll again be tweeting until the battery gives up.

If you prefer Facebook for your TT fix, visit my page there as all images going up on Twitter are also automatically posted there.

Next to that, I’m experimenting around with some other type of images and will also try to get the usual mix of stuff uploaded again – from paddock to riders and maybe a bit of racing fun, although as you might know by now, racing shots aren’t really my thing and I usually leave those to the guys with the big lenses.

So, let’s get going and enjoy another TT!

Isle of Man Where You Can


Isle Of Man Where You Can

Just a really quick post and it doesn’t even have anything to do with any pictures that I took.

The Isle of Man, which is still home for me at the moment in a way, has unveiled a new marketing slogan:

“Isle of Man Where You Can.”

A new website was also added in the process and visiting quickly made it clear they lined this one up for the taking.

Now, I must make clear that I have nothing against the Isle of Man itself – it’s a lovely place with plenty of potential. When it comes to the honourable ones running the place, however, it’s a different matter.

So, seeing that the consultants involved lined this one up so beautifully, I couldn’t resist posting about it. Why? Because I know that my site has a higher ranking than the “Isle of Man Where You Can” campaign site, so if I got my sums right and you are googling for “Isle of Man Where You Can” in a few days time, my post and the below “interpretations” of that slogan will be the first thing you see, before the official site pops up in the results.  Probably something those consultants won’t be too happy about – but then: Isle of Man where you can…express your opinions about political leadership in more ways than one.


Isle Of Man Where You Can

Pictures: Makati Caracol 2012 in Manila

2012 Caracol sa Makati Only just got around to loading these up. They are pictures from the 2012 Caracol in Makati, a Mardi Gras style parade with colourful costumes, as well as plenty of music and dancing.

There’s more than 170 pictures from the day, with most participants hopefully captured somewhere. As with all my images, if I snapped you, feel free to use it for your own personal use.

Pictures: More from the 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition Mall of Asia Team Netherlands Fireworks (17)Some more images from the 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition at the Mall of Asia here in Manila. Last night saw the teams from China and the Netherlands light up the sky with more spectacular displays.

Around 40 pics have been added to the below gallery, with the first few being from Team China, followed by shots from Team Netherland’s display.

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